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electronic speedometers just don't peg


In the old days with mechanical speedometers you could "peg" the needle way past the end of the numbers and snap a picture of it. Tried that today but the fancy new electronic ones only go to 120 and not past. The first picture was in 3rd gear at 5400 rpms at about 94 mph. The 2nd picture is in 4th gear, same rpm and should have sent the needle straight down as this is 136 mph. That needle stays at 120 mph from 4800 rpms on up in 4th. You can see the needle blur in the first picture as I was still pulling hard in 3rd.


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I still have a mechanical setup and it only goes to 90 but the needle does keep going beyond the 90 mark :jawdrop: I was looking at the pictures you provided and I'd be a little worried by your volt meter it looks like it is setting on 12 volts?
When I know I'm going to drive hard (high rpms) I have a switch for turning off the alternator's output, saves diode replacement. But very aware on your part. Paying attention to your gauges like you do will keep you from being stranded with a dead battery or premature engine wear from low oil pressure.
Or a fast shutter. Road that I use for "speed tests" is straight and as smooth as a pool table. 2nd picture was taken at 136 mph but IF I ever do this again, I will hold the camera further away from the dash so that the tachometer will be in view so that I know the speed by looking at the tach if over 120 mph.


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