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hiya guys been lookin on for awhile as from UK got link from britchopper forum i am a petrolhead got a triumph chop a 34 austin 10 to restore was called jam roller on brit hotrod circuit in 80,s and as i am tryin to build a T bucket thought i would get on been collectin bits for awhile now using a home made chassis glass body which i am makin both doors open austin westminster b series axle narrowed to 33" was originally for a dragster pop beam axle both with four bars and coil overs bus air tank as fuel tank and the heart of the beast will be a jag v12 and c6 autobox as soon as i start the build will put pics on for consructive criticsm lol
welcome madron. jump in anytime.


Good to have you, post up some pics when you get a chance. Always good to see what everyone is working on.

Since I was the "new" guy and now you're the "new" guy, I can say welcome New Guy! Last time I was a new guy was in 1967 when I arrived in Vietnam. They called us FNGs. Have fun because I plan to.


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