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Elrod needs help


New Member
I am building a bucket from the ground up, I bought Ohio Street T plans off E bay. Everything from the front perch throught the drive line is 5 degrees negative, something tells me this is to much, I have already taken the engine and trans back out and reworked to 3 degrees wich is fine being its my first one, But the perch is welded in and I really would not like to modify but of course I will if need be. I have made the frame and all mounts by hand, I guess the bottom line is should the perch be level with the frame.
no he 5 degrees is fine on the front spring perch. just check the angle of the kingpin boss. you don't want it to be less than 3 degrees with the chassis loaded. You are right in re-seting the engine though.

If you're doing the engine mounts too they should have some angle near to what you're thinking . CCR shows about the 3 degrees. Good Luck,:D
Welcome to the site Elrod. With all the building/rebuilding experience and owning and driving a T bucket experience on this site, you have come to the right place for help and answers. Wish I was one of the people that could give you help but I am only in the collecting parts stage at this point.
Ron A.

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