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Every Where in Texas


This has been floating around for a while it has some great pictures of our state ,, be sure and check the miles at the end of the video and I think I read some where it took this guy 2 years to take the pictures for the video

[ame=[media=youtube]NNkucbM4wF0[/media] - I've Been Everywhere (In Texas that is!)[/ame]
i didnt hear anything about sachse but he did hit around it greenville , rockwall---hit all around it (by the way it is like the english word for sack)

keep smiling it makes them wonder what you are upto :)
Well he hit all around my hometown . . . Amarillo, Plainview, Springlake . . . and in Springlake he was only 5 miles away from Earth, Texas.
The pictures got close but the song never got within 300 Miles of El Paso. Sometimes we feel like Texas's redheaded step child!:neutral:
I used to go to El Paso in April for a air plane contest all way's had fun there.
The big city of Earth ..I worked there a loooong time ago ,,
He did drive over 10,ooo and never left the state,,lol
I thought it showed some pretty good pictures of the diversity of the state from wood's to plains ..unfortunately I am in the plains north of Amarillo
Hey Rockin, my wife found that video for me a couple months back. She says that song is me since I have been all over this state with railroad job I got. Ive been everywhere:lol::woops:
RocknT . . . There isn't a lot of town, jobs or people in Earth. When and where did you work there? I lived there from the time I was born until I was old enough to head for the land of hot rods (California) in the late 60s? My folks remained there until the mid 70s. I also spend a lot of weekends in Amarillo at the dragstrip when I was in high school. Unlike the song I haven't seen that much of Texas . . .

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