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Ex-Junk's heater


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Here's a couple of pic's of Jim's heater,Yes a heater in Florida,We
get cold down here too.Got into the high 30's for a couple of
days last year......1st. is his hoses from the motor, 2nd. is inside,Which
also shows his in house wiring....

I tried to post the other day and just as I was done before I pushed the Submit button, my power went down...

I like the idea of a heater. I plan to install one in my car and I know of a couple others that have heaters in their T's.. That looks like a pretty neat/clean install.
Is that a commercial heater or is it homade ?
We have lots of days out here in the fall and even in the winter when it's clear and dry,cool or COLD, but good days for a drive. Nice to have a little heat blowin on the legs, especially if the better half is along..... Good Idea !
From the name plate,Looks like a Summit unit.
Check the latest Summit Catalog under Jeep parts on page385. The item that I used was part number SUM-991105. I then made my own deflector. It works great and the way that I installed it you have to almost stand on your head to even get a glimpse of it.
Thats a nice, clean setup. :cool:
Man that's HAHA

Any vapor lock problems with those hot water lines right next to the fuel pump and lines?

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