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Fire-in the Hole Billet-T Bucket video


What a difference the past few days have been. Dry fired the Santos motor Friday, after a 22yr. lapse. Over the weekend I installed the radiator and elec. fan. Today we cleaned up a couple of fuel connection and oil filter seeps. Around mid-morning we fired it up and we (Jesse) fined tuned it by ear. What a buzz, after what I have been thru with this car, the past 14 mo. It came off the showroom floor with 400hp stock. It has been punched .030 with domed pistons, 540 cam, and two Demon Jr. 525s, on top of a Weiand ram intake.

I am not smart enough to get a video on here, but posted three short ones on "You Tube", under azcowbo. The URL was so long I couldn't see or get to all of it. Turn up the volumn and check it out!! I was so excited, I forgot to tighten up my bolts on the turnouts, and when it first fired, it blew one to the back of the trailer.

Let me know what you think!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Friday - To hot and windy yesterday, so today we will finish hooking up the brakes and hopefully the shocks.
See if I can help you here:


OH BABY!! That is bad @ss! I would love to know the specs on that engine so I could use the same cam in mine! That is sooooo sweeeet!
People pay good money for an idle like that! :lol: Wow, sounds great and rpms like instantly. Very cool. Thanks for sharing that, now I have to go change out the cam in my T! :eek:

Thanks Yogi. I had to have a dinner break. That's what I love about this site. Comraderie, or however you spell it
That's a nasty-sounding motor there, Ron! Between that and all the one-off billet, your hot rod is going to be a real attention-getter.

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