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First hot rod build


I posted this on the HAMB and got a ton of advice and I thought I would tap this crowd for more direction.
I have finally come to my senses and got out of midget racing (midget tossing is another story). I have built my last three USAC midgets and think I am ready to tackle a street car build. I want to start simple and I want to build a T that looks like it ran right after WW2, a west coast car that saw some dry lakes time but was a street car. First off me and body work are not friends, never will be. I made a list of what I was thinking please tell me what your experiences have been with any thing I have listed, or missed. I am looking for someones unfinished 23 or 27 glass body roadster. If I can't find one I am thinking Speedway 27 kit.

Engine- 2300 Ford (mustang/ranger motor) with either 2 S&S harley sidedraft carbs or intake adapted to 2 Stromberg carbs. Home made lake pipe.
Trans- T5
I am thinking 48 Ford spindles, what are the advantages of Ford or Chevy spindles?
Brakes- 4 wheel drums (cant afford finned Buick)
Suspension- transverse leaf in the front and quater elipticals in the rear
Tires/Wheels- 16" Firestones on steelies 49 Ford Delux baby hubcaps and trim rings.

Please be gentile, I don't want rat rod look but it will be a lower buck build.
Sounds like a great plan!

Are you meaning the 2.3 4 banger motor from the ranger? I have a header flange for one of those.

37 to 40 something ford spindles are best. Cheaper bearings and easier upgrade to disc if thats desired in the future.

Can't wait to see pictures, we like pictures.
As a relative newbie here who migrated from the "other site"... let me say welcome.
And you can drop your guard here. This a very gentlemanly group of guys.
No need to worry about them being nasty.
They may tell you an idea isn't good but they will say why and how to fix it and do it in a respectful manner.

The only advice I have is to check out Youngster's free T frame plans. He has a lot of little but bits of info in the plans too.
I'm attempt to build a T and the info I read here is amazing.


Edit: I don't know where you are but check this out:
Sounds like the making of a great hot rod. Me I prefer the Chevy spindles, I find them much easier to work with than the Ford spindles. Will you be using a tube axle or an I Beam? If you need a tube axle with a custom drop or width please let us know we will build it for you.
sounds like a really neat ride. With the small amount of room in a bucket most go with automatic trans.I would go to a show and sit in a bucket for room factor. Most bucket people are pretty friendly when you are talking building one.JMO
Welcome to the site. Your build sound really interesting. I'm wondering what 'midget' tricks we're gonna see incorperated in your car. Ahhh about the pics .. tack lots to post. Someof these guy get a lil anttsy about pics .. lol.

Also edit your profile so we can see where you're from. Never know who's in your backyard.

First off :lol:

If you're going to use 1/4 ellipticals on the rear, you might want to use the spring as the lower link in a 4 bar setup. Maybe even triangulate the upper links a little to help with lateral location of the axle.

The old Healy Sprites used a similar setup. Not really the type of suspension for a high horsepower car, but it should work fine with the 4 banger you're planning.

Good luck with your build!

I am thinking tube axle because that is what comes with most kits. As far as midget tricks, depending on what chassis I end up with I have not ruled out a torsion bar rear end, and my banger is not real far off of a midget motor (no Alky and way less HP) but as far as making carb linkage and a header hopefully some of my past experience will carry over. It is starting to cool off here but I am hoping to make a few cruise nites and see a bucket or two for some ideas.
I personally have not used their body but have checked them out at the Nats in Louisville a couple of years ago. I found them to be a quality body that is quite roomy and comfortable. If I were to buy one, I would get their complete package. By that I mean, the body and complete chassis because everything is there for a GREAT car.

You have to expect the zipper cars to be outstanding. Darrel started his professional career with none other that "Mago" in the late '70's. He has since sold the company but stayed on board to train the new owner and his crew. As a result, same car and same quallity.

Race car is SOLD I have $5000.00 to put toward the bucket. I love the Zipper from the website, but I like the fact the Speedway is half the price. I may take a look at the bucket listed on here in Indy, lots of stuff I dont want V8, Auto etc... but I do not know if I want to undo motor mounts and stuff or start with a new car and spend more money for a new car and not have any undoing to do.
Sounds like a great build.

I like the Chevy spindles for drum brakes, I'm using 54 Chevy brakes on my car. Also I think the HD carbs are more tunable than the Stromberg sidedrafts.
Yep, everything is available through Napa. As far as spindles I think craiglist or ebay.
I got a start on the project. Got a brand new Spirit chassis $395.00, a 2.3 out of a 1989 Mustang for $76.25, a S-10 rearend out of and 1999 Xtreme 4.3 liter pick-up for $60.00 and a 8 plug 2.3 out of a ranger with a manual trans (not a T-5) for $225.00. That was all on October 6th, a 350 mile round trip through northern Il. I got as P&J dropped fron axle for $225.00 at Hunnert car pileup on Oct 10 and my dad got me a 31 A grille for $30.00 on Oct 11th at the Lions club swap in Morris IL. Took some pics but they wont upload, I think they are too big. Have to get more pics.
Sounds cool, so far.

For pics, I like Photobucket, they resize themselves and then just cut and paste.

Welcome to the Forums. :) You're a fast worker collecting those parts. I'm running the 2.3L with an automatic. Have always been a fan of the sprints and will be anxous to watch your build.


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