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Frankland quick change questions..


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i bought a frankland quickchange from an old friend of mine, its got like 5:90 gears in it, no biggy...

what i need to know is, just about anything about the rearend, it come out of a late model, and the rears offset, i figure no big deal, parts are probably pretty available for it..

What i dont know is the assembly procedure, especially the axle ends/seals and pretty much everything else..

anyone have any info on it?

is that the same one ceec is running in his woody? maybe he can give you some pointers.


opps...sorry he's not running a quickie ... my bad. someone should be able to help though.
We ran a Frankland quick change in our late model in the early 80s. I can't tell you anything about it. We broke a ring gear once but I wasn't in the shop when the repairs were made. My job was to change the gears when we went to different tracks and that's about as close as I got to its inner workings. I can tell you this. If you get frustrated with it you can ship it to me.
You need to talk to Wheelstang at the NTBA. He probably can tell you anything you need to know.
you think he could come over here :)

i can not stand ntba's forum style ,its awful.. i dont even know if i can post over there...
he's registered here too. send him a pm.

It looks like you have a championship. The carrier in "most champs" are dana 60. What kind of axles are in it ? Do you have a picture ? Don't think you need to change the axle tubes or bells. Yep I have problems posting over here, also. But I'll keep after it till something happens. If you will e/m me at president NTBA a phone number I'll call and we can talk in real time. Me and quickie's are old friends. Keep da wheels rolling and be kind to each other. weelstang

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