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Friction shocks revisited.


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I read the post about friction shocks in the hopes to find out how they work but it was more of a "here are other ideas to friction shocks" thread.
So what I want to know is how do friction shocks work? Is there anything in the front tube of the frame or is there just a stud it is bolted onto? If I remove the bolt that is on it is there anything behind that plate that is under pressure?
Sorry for the dumb questions but I am repainting my frame and don't want to remove something I now nothing about and get hurt. Thanks

Just FYI I'm picturing a spring inside there that is under pressure.:doh:
No, generally they just have a nut that you tighten down onto some friction material that they have between the arm and the plates. Some use big rubber washers, some use a fiber type material, but the concept is the same. You torque the hell out of them and the friction material acts to resist movement.

friction shock is basically discs bolted together to cause friction to slow rebound of the axle.
Friction shocks are captured pads that cause resistance between a moving surface (the arm) and a fixed surface. The amount of pressure on the pad is adjusted by the center bolt. There isn't nornally that much tention on the bolt where you have to worry about taking it apart. Some do have springs on them.

Gab had another one of his great CAD drawings of friction shocks mabye he will post it again.
Thanks Putz thats the one i was refering to
If you go to search hit advanced you can enter persons name and keyword and find a post pretty easy.
Yep I saw that post but I was reading that as another option, I didn't realize it was how these work. Thanks for the answers. I'll pull them off now and clean and paint all that, Thanks.

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