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New here. Would like some ideas as to what steel to use for a frame. Would like to use 2 x 3, 2x4 tube. but what kind. Everyone says "mild steel" but what #, you know like 4130 chrome mold(over kill for street rod). Any ideas are appreciated. Thank carman:lol:
Welcome to the forum carman777, I can't answer your question but we have a lot of great guys here that can.
I doubt that you could even find 4130 rectangular tube in much larger than 1" x 2" and the wall would probably be about .065" There just isn't any demand for that kind of materials in those sizes (2x3 and 2x4).

My Jorgensen book shows that all of the structural rectangular tubing in the sizes and wall thicknesses that are commonly used for buckets is of an A500B steel material. That's a fancy way of saying "mild steel". ;)
Have you checked out youngster's plans here.on this site. He has done a lot of work and lets you download for FREE.
Welcome to tbucket owner heaven.
Welcome! First thought is yes stay away from 4130, will crack on short order in a street car, work hardens and will start cracking quickly, moly race cars only have a very short life span. Second thought is why build your own frame when when you will be hard pressed to buy the materials and build one for less than you can get one for from a lot of vendors, not to mention the trial and error that will come into play if you have never done one before? I would suggest one of RPM's because it is a proven working design, can modify it to suit whatever wheelbase and suspension set up you are wanting to use, and has a complete line of compatible products to have a rolling chassis in less time that you can build a jig, cut, fit and tack and weld everything in place, not to mention the parts compatibility issues that come with a car that you are trying to build from scratch, been there done that, don't want the headache of trying that again!. And his knowledge base of what will work and not work on theses cars is priceless. Just a suggestion and food for thought, Eddie :confused:
:cry: I am buying my frame from RPM after thinking about all the things that go into building a frame like a frame table getting every square and level . If you are building just one I think you would be ahead to have one made by a profesional jmo.
Welcome :D

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