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Front spring

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Where is the best place to buy a new front leaf spring? I've been looking around and really haven't come up with anything. Besides Speedway......
Depends on what you want. Speedway springs are actually pretty good, I am using them on my 23 and my 29 rpu. I did drill holes in the ends to put slider buttons in from Chassis Engineering, but really didn't have to do that, I just wanted to save my paint from being scraped off the leaves.

Posies makes a very nice spring, but a little more money than Speedway. Then there is the Durant mono leaf spring. We might be putting one of those under my Sons 30 rpu pretty soon, but still not sure.

There is no magic to springs, any of the people who make them turn out a pretty fair product, and Speedway seems to have a good selection and pricing. Why are you ruling Speedway out? Just curious.

What length are you looking for reverse or standard eye I might have what you need.
I bought a pair at a spring manufacturing shop in Payson Utah a couple of years ago... The shop manager had custom made them for someone's restoration project and for some reason they were still on the shelf for $ 25 ....I got them home and they were chromed under the black paint... I removed some leaves and have enough parts except the main leaf to do another one.
putz said:
What length are you looking for reverse or standard eye I might have what you need.

Was looking for 31" standard. Basic 28-34 OEM spring. Nothing fancy. Prob could make a 29" work too.

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