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Galveston, Texas T Party!

I hear (from a roundabout way) that tfeverfred has just wrecked his car. Wasn't he the one more or less organizing this meetup?
TubT said:
I hear (from a roundabout way) that tfeverfred has just wrecked his car. Wasn't he the one more or less organizing this meetup?

Well... more like he was wrecked by Huston's finest....


Below is the link to the thread...
t-runner said:
Unfortunately, I think it already much for next weekend:rolleyes:

I'm affraid that may be true. From what I have seen on the local news, it will be weeks to clean up, even if the storm were to stop now.
I hope Freds ok over 600,000 people with out power in Houston
Just called Freds phone number and surprise,surprise no answer.Hope he's ok.:pray:
I didn't mean to slight any of our other friends it's just i know Fred.But your right i do hope every one is safe.
I would imagine Fred is not anwering the phone because he prolly has no power. Along with 2 million other people in Houston. Katy (on the west side of Houston) did not lose power. Houston is a mess right now and Galveston is even worse so don't even think about coming there next weekend. You won't be allowed on the island. They are not even allowing the residents in. No reason to - no elec, no food, no services, no nuttin. And they predict at least 3-4 weeks. The mayor is telling the Galvestonians that left to stay where they are until we tell you to come back.

Galveston Mayor: 'You Cannot Live Here' - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston

Slideshow: Hurricane Ike Devastates Galveston, Bolivar - Photos - KPRC Houston
blownt said:
here is a video of Galveston


and Bolivar Peninsula and Crystal Beach where NOTHING is left


I guess the T-bucket party is off since Galveston is closed off and pretty much still under water.

There's always the North Texas T-buckets BBQ Oct 4th in Colleyville,TX.
My family's thoughts and prayers are with all of the members and their familes within the area impacted by Ike. My wife has a family member in Winnie, TX and while she is fine, we hear Winnie took quite beating.

Again, our thoughts are with you all in this time of need.


You never know, SC Firefighters might get a tasking to come and help and I might get to go. While I'd rather meet y'all under better circumstances it would be my pleasure to come and assist you in your time of need.

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