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Gas Prices....Please read and lets take a stand!!!!!

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In case you haven't noticed, gas prices are soaring, hiking the cost of food and just about everything else. If you believe Hillary Clinton, the blame for all this lies on the shoulders of those greedy oil companies and their bloated profit margins, a notion that like just about every other snake-oil remedy she tries to peddle is simply not the case.
We're in the mess in which we find ourselves because of a small handful of people with the money and the power to inflict grievous harm on their fellow humans, whom they just happen to despise.
It's about time for you and your fellow Americans to know just who they are and what they are doing to all of us in the name of saving the planet that for millions of years has shown to be perfectly capable of saving itself without their help.
If you are really sick and tired of $4 gasoline, really sick of being dependent on foreign oil, and equally as sick of seeing your food bills go up, the conventional wisdom would lead you to blame the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. But that's a waste of time, as is blaming George Bush or the oil companies.
None of them make environmental policy. That policy is set by three individuals, two who are located in New York City. If you want to drill in Alaska or the Gulf of Mexico or in the continental U.S. where billions of gallons of petroleum are just waiting to be tapped or build refineries, these three people stand in your way.
They are John Flicker of the National Audubon Society, Frances Beinecke of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Trip Van Noppen of the organization Earthjustice.
Flicker and Beinecke both live and work in New York City, where they probably don't own cars, and they are happy that you have to spend more and more of your budget on food and fuel. You are being punished for being Americans.
Van Noppen runs Earthjustice from Oakland, Calif. None of these three is in touch with America. They hate America, they hate you. And they want your gas to cost $8 a gallon.
Earlier this year, they filed a lawsuit to prevent drilling for oil and natural gas in Alaska. This is just a leading tactic in their arsenal. All of you need to call these three and demand that they get out of the way and stop impeding our rights to find and drill for petroleum here in North America. After all, if the Chinese are drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, shouldn't we be allowed to do so too?
They must be made to feel pressure the pressure you feel every day when you juggle your budget to cope with rising prices. These three people set energy policy in this country. They order Reid and Pelosi to do their bidding, and thanks to them and their allies in the radical environmental movement we are getting economically weaker.
Call John Flicker at the Audubon Society at (212) 979-3000.
Call Frances Beinecke at the NRDC at (212) 727-2700.
Call Trip Van Noppen at Earthjustice at (510) 550-6700.
One more thing. I wrote earlier that the environmental extremists hate humanity, they think there are too many of us, and they won't be happy until an awful lot of us are gone.
Most won't say it, but here's what two of them are quoted as saying in Johah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism":
"When Charles Wurster, chief scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund was told that banning DDT would probably result in millions of deaths he replied, 'This is as good a way to get rid of them as any.' And a million did die."
Finnish environmental guru Pentti Linkola "argues that the earth is a sinking ship, and a chosen remnant must head for the lifeboats. Said Linkola, 'Those who hate life try to pull more people on board and drown everybody. Those who love and respect life use axes to chop off extra hands hanging on the gunwale.'"
Beware of environmentalists bearing axes.
Mike Reagan is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally, including KJMT-FM 97.1 in Mountain Home.
This has a boatload of potential for taking a political nosedive. Be aware we are watching this one closely and if it crosses that line, it's gone.

It also smacks of being copied in toto from another site and I cannot see any links to the source material. There's strike two.
yep the gas prices are rising, along with everything else but everyones paycheck..

our economy is weak because our manufacturing segment of the country is failing because of the free trade aggrement bill clinton brought to us... if something isnt done about these companies outsourcing jobs, and companies moving or building plants overseas, we will be one of the poorest countries on the planet...<-----

manufacturing built this country and its what america stood for for decades. automobile production,tool and die, tanks , airplanes, guns, we won world war 2 because we out-produced every nation in the we are in 2nd place to china in the amount of steel produced.. but we are the #1 grain producer in the world, are our farmers getting rich? NO, the government steps in on the farmers and regulates thier prices, and it didnt take the government no time to do it, so why havent they done it to the oil companies?

people thinks its bush's fault, they can think what they want, but when i see a mold come in from a plant in bowling green kentucy that was built in china, and the shop i work at is tearing it apart and reworking it so it will function correctly and make good parts , i stop and thank bill kind of makes you wonder... and i definetly wont vote for clinton if she wins over obama..

PEOPLE need to stop buying made in taiwan, made in china, made in bangladesh stuff as much as possible, and our economy would recover, but people are to dumb to do it.. the main thing is the government will have to stop this free trade agreement..

the government also needs to step in and take over the oil companies, the government took microsoft away from bill gates, so they need to do it to the oil companies, that alone would probably fix the situation.. oh and wal-mart could be a main culprit also..

we need to go back to a self sustained economy like we were from the 1930's to the early 70's..

to add to all of this, i bought a 90degree die grinder the other day. it was a bluepoint from the snap-on truck, and it was made in taiwan. so from now on i'll go with proto or something else i will not buy snap-on or bluepoint they just lost my business..
yep...3.59 here in da swamps

I think this one is a waste of time and designed to play on peoples fears.
Gentlemen, there is a sad fact about these types of topics. They usually morph into "discussions" about politics (and you can see this one already has already turned that direction).


We've got a side deal going with the dopes we refer to as politicians. We won't discuss politics, if they won't discuss T-Buckets.

Which means -


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