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Gas Tank overflows when filling

Track T-4

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Supporting Member
If I'm not careful when filling the gas tank the nozzle doesn't shut off and the turtle deck gets an expensive washdown. :lol: I don't believe the PO installed a vent in the tank and just drilled a small hole in the brass fuel cap instead. I don't believe that's the cause of the problem and think it is the poor fit between the nozzle and the tank opening. I just saw something called a "McCuff" on the 'net: McCuff "No Splash, No Spill, Motorcycle Fill" Everyone Wants One! No Clicking Nozzles! More Miles from Tank! Top-Off EZ, Unique Motorcycle Biker Gift! Gas up your motorcycle with ease! They are made for motorcycles but the owner says they can also be used on streetrods and recommends the larger size for that purpose. They cost $19.95 and are also sold at motorcycle shops.

I'm thinking about trying one for my T. Is anyone using one of these for your motorcycle or T?


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