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Getting a title

Well...if you don't mind having your bucket titled as a 1949 Cadillac: VTG CAR/AUTO TITLE CERTIFICATE OF TITLE MOTOR VEHICLE 1949 CADILLAC, SED [N.J] | eBay
Buy the title, go to the DMV and get a TX title. And apply for an antique plate so you don't need inspection or renewals...I think. Things may have changed in 35 years.
When I built my T in TX I bought a title from NY. Back then you could get any title so I got a 1923 model T title. Much harder today.
The "official" way was a nightmare. Need to have a list of all major parts with prices, get the car inspected by police, get a VIN, have it weighed...And pay tax on all those parts. And it would be registered as an "assembled vehicle" and had to have all the stuff required in the year of registration. Seat belts, windshield wiper, turn signals, etc. AGain, that was 35 years ago and today might be different.
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Recently got a title for my 23 T Bucket in the state of Washington. Took 4 trips to the DMV. First time car was not complete enough, although major components were there they said to bring it back when running but did not give me a list of things I needed to do to pass inspection. Second trip they said I needed seat belts and side marker lights and parking brake. When I questioned side markers after much discussion they said to forget the markers. Trip three I was again turned down because I did not have a license light and no third brake light. All three trips I had different inspectors and was given different items needing fixed. Would have been much better to have same inspector and given instructions on items. We passed on fourth trip . Car is titled as a 1923 T Bucket and I received the plates in seven days. As a side note, I had saved all of my receipts and one inspector said "what am I to do with this?". Guess they only wanted receipts for major components. The laws are confusing even to the inspectors but with patience it can be done without major problems in this state.

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