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Girls braver than guys


My brother, in his mid 60's will not drive or even ride in my Track-T. My niece, a 30 something high school teacher, drove it today. She used to have a Subaru WRX sti, so was comfortable with a stick shift. Started right out with smooth clutch engagement, just a touch of throttle, and shifted smoothly to 2nd, then again just a touch of throttle and into 3rd. She prefered to stay in 3rd with just enough to run a 45 MPH. What experiances do you guys have letting someone drive your high power to weight ratio T's?
I wouldn't let anybody drive my bucket who was not very experienced with stupid powered, ill handling, not very good braking cars. Guaranteed instant death if they hit the throttle and have no idea what they are doing.
As far as women driving your car. I have learned to avoid that. the last incident, in a long stream of incidents, came with current GF. Took the Z06, started raining heavily, Florida floods, parking lot where she was going had one lane flooded. That lane was the shortest route to the shopping mall so guess which lane she took :) Long story short she converted the Vette into a boat. Engine hydro locked and was junk. :)
When I arrived she simply stated that the car was a piece of :hooray: and that her BMW would have easily crossed the river that had been formed in the parking lot. Basically it was my fault for having a piece of :crap: car :wall:
No winning with women
Let a guy drive mine he hit the throttle a little hard on gravel and fishtailed a little after that he was fine.I let people drive mine that if they hurt it they can afford to own it.(BUY IT)
I consider my car "The other woman". My wife knows about our relationship but we just dont talk about her. Also the last thing i want is some friend defiling her in front of me. If i did let someone drive her "and i dont think that will happen" i would insist they were rubber gloves. Is that wierd??????? IJSY FO-SHO
Drive another man's pride and joy... never. It isn't that women are braver than men; men just know better.
Ive let many people drive my t.Most are on the board here. My car has a lot of first's...first ride in a bucket, first time to drive a bucket. Alot of guys want to know how it handles,Alot of guys are or were in the procece of building, some seen the keys in it and drove it around..But the biggest kick is when a father takes his kids for a ride! That smile on dad and kids is pricless,and the memeries it brings to them. My t is what it is, not fancy by no means but a lot of fun..dennis
Hi Dennis,

I'm like you, to be able to give someone a "first". I have a good friend of 30 years that is even a bigger car nut than me. He never has had the opportunity to own any fast cars but has driven at least once every interesting car that I have owned. When he drove my blown 1955 Ford (427 side oiler) his comment was "I've never driven anything as fast as that car". When he drove the Track-T he lost traction around 65 MPH in 2nd but followed my "preflight" advise of if that happens, just back off the throttle enough to regain traction and make the steering correction and all will be fine. After this drive he said that, again fastest car he has ever driven and doubts that I will ever be able to produce a faster car. I think he is correct about me not being able to better this one, 1790 lbs is about as light as they get.

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