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Good Paint Colors With Black Frame?


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I am working on finishing a T project I bought 85% complete, the chassis is already painted black and I don't REALLY want to tear it down and repaint it as the chassis is complete, painted, final assembly, motor trans and driveshaft in. Anyone have a color suggestion that works with black frame??
My idea is paint the body satin black with torch red interior and red vintiqe wheels, have some pinstriping done on the frame and body but it still seems like alot of black,
Another idea is to paint it pearl white with red inside
maybe someone else has a suggestion that will look better

Black is a neutral color, it goes with any color. I say, paint it any color that suits you. I originally did my car with a gloss black frame, flat black body and red interior. I have since painted the body gloss black. I liked the original flat black but the gloss black is MUCH easier to maintain.

Many tbuckets have a black frame it goes with anything. Mine is painted black w/black wheels the body will be orange with ace of spades jack queen and king fanned out with the joker looking over the top, this will be on the doors. Whatever you decide make it unique to your own self.
I had my frame and rear axle hosing powder coated gloss black and I plan on painting the body Candy Apple Green with silver mist ghost flames. Black goes with anything.
Thanks for the replies guys, I have almost decided to paint it dark purple with alot of pearl and metallic in it and then do the interior in grey.
Budget depending I may put some flames on it.

Red with black and white pinstripes would look cool. Like Ex Junk said, black will go with anything. Let your taste run WILD!
I am planning a Bucket and a guy who built a few hot rods said to limit the car 2 or 3 colors so the car does not look to busy. I am going black chassis, and a orange and off white body orange steelies with an off white pinstripe and 40 Ford delux hubcaps with the "ford delux" painted black (kinds 40's Harley colors).

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