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Got a smokin hot deal today!!


New Member
went to an auction to watch, i ended up dragging this home..

i know what i got, does anyone else? after a few replies , i'll tell you what i give for it..:)



You got a Ford 9", WAR housing 1957-62, very narrow rear...
yep 9".....about 25.00
i'm thinking it's a bronco judging by the rims.....

yep, you guys are on your toes for sure.. definetly a 9inch, war case..

gotta check the gear in it but seems like its near the 4:11 ratio, according to the turn and count method... probably has the trac-lock limited slip in it..
as far as width and those dangerous wheels go (split ring wheels) i'm thinking its out of an early bronco also, need to sling a tape measure on it..

got it for $5 , cant believe no one else bid on it :)

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