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grease seals


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i have spindles from a 1953 corvette on the front of my t-bucket and brand new 12 spoke wheels from total performance. the old wheels, which were also from total performance, had a grease seal on the back of them. I have looked everywhere and can not find a felt grease seal, like was on there, or a regular grease seal. Rich from total performance gave me a pert # for a seal he said he knew of some people using but it did not fit. the shaft size i need is 1.877 inches and the outside diameter is 2.43 inches. has anyone else ran into this problem?
If the opening is the same size as Hallcrafts, I have a cross over number for the seal. I had to replace mine and took an old one to the parts store. The seal that Total uses matched up to a transmission seal.:rofl: Yup, no kidding.

Try Federal Mogul part #8160S or TCM part# 156245TB-H
Those may be the same dimension as the ones you need.

I hope this helps.

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