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Greetings from Mississippi


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Hello. I'm Jason. 34 years old. Joined the Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm. Then I joined the I.B.E.W. local #917 and became a electrician. My formative years were spent with my dad and me cruising in the 68 camaro. I've been a car nut ever since. I have been itching to build a bucket. I can only imagine the intense accelaration they must have! I have been heavily inspired by donsrods black roadster. I'm a mopar nut, so it'll have 1st gen Hemi! You guys seem to have a brotherhood going here. I'll enjoy being a part of that.
Welcome to the forum, and thank you for the very nice words. Let us know how we can help you get to your dream.

BTW, yep, they accelerate like gangbusters!!!! :lol::lol::) A hemi will make it even cooler.

Welcome Jason, Yep there is not much on the street to match the acceleration of a bucket.
Hi JRN welcome to the forum you will find the people on here very helpful and VERY friendly a real brotherhood:D Francis
Hey Jason,

Good to see some young blood into these cars... First off, please accept my sincerest appreciation for the time you spent in the service for our country. :bow:

Acceleration in these is just way to hard to put into words, but I can safely say that the first time you mash the peddle with a hemi powerplant, you're going to be grinning for days...

There are some very gifted and knowledgeable folks here that will be more than happy to provide their expertise by simply asking a question... you'll love it!

Welcome aboard, Marine --- Jason, you will really like all these gear heads -- Sorry Jason I couldn't control myself -- ( Gearhead, Jarhead ) :welcome: I guess the old Sailor in me, made me do it. Honestly, Jason Thank You for your service to your Country and welcome .
Jason, first let me add my name to the list of appreciative folks thatare proud to have had you protecting us. Very glad to have you here. Everyone here gives of themselves so freely. I know you will find yourself a nich in this brotherhood too.

As a veteran ,let me first say thanks for serving, man! This place and hot rodders in general ARE a brotherhood. The friendships I have made here and with a group I hang with here in Houston, reminds me of the closeness I had in the Navy with my fellow firefighters.

You're going to love it here and I look forward to seeing that Hemi T! As far as acceleration.... they're not as fast as you think.

They're FASTER!:eek::welcome:

Where in Ms are you we have a small group of bucketheads called the Mid South T's in Northwest Ms.
Welcome Jason....Semper Fi:D
I'm an old Marine myself.
352nd Air Refueling wing El Toro MCAS 1979-1983

lots of great info here.
At Ease, grunt, enjoy your visit:lol:

Great maybe we can get together at some shows. I send you a PM with a couple on it return your e mail to me and I will send you what shows we have around close so far.
Cool! I've never rode in a bucket before, so I'm anxious to see what it's like.
That'll be a trip for you. After your first ride you're going to have a smile on your face that won't disappear for at least 3 days. But don't worry, cause everytime you think about the ride, the smile returns. I had my first ride 44 years ago and the memory of it still brings back that smile. Enjoy!!

I remember my first ride in a bucket, unforgetable. It was just up and down the street, in the middle of the night. Had just enough parts together to make it run, that was about 18 years ago.

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