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HEI distributor


Is anyone using a stock HEI dist. with a TP body? And if so how much room between firewall and dist. cap do you have. Mine is literally pushing against the firewall. A SBC all the cross member were pre drilled when I got the frame
I'm using one on my 305. I have about an inch of space. What frame and body you using?
They are both Total Perf. Fred. I didnt have any trouble getting the motor and trans. mounts to bolt up. The body cant slide back anymore because the steering column wont let it move
Hmm.... my frame was Total, but my body was a CCR clone. I was able to move the body back just enough to get clearance.
Yeah its strange. Ill have to re evaluate the mounts on the body and see if I can move it back, because its so close you cant even turn the dist.
I haven't got a total bucket but I seem to remember that you can't run a large HEI distributor on them because of clearance with the firewall.
If you remember way back, Shadetree Mechanic did a Total Performance build using a SBC crate motor that came with an HEI distributor. During the build they found out that the HEI was too big and swapped it for a small diameter distributor from Mallory I think.

I have the video's at home somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.
GT63 thats what I was going to say summit racing has smaller dizzys but they aint cheep. Speedway has a part that goes in the firewall that gives more room
I had forgot about that video, I have it and watched it again just now and sure enough that is a problem they had also.
Smaller distributor needed.
Loooks to be same size as an OEM HEI. Anyone ever deal with those Pertronix distributors. They seem to be alot more reasonable. I appreciate all the info guys
TexasT said:
What dist. would you guys prefer? I dont want to get into all that CDI box and all like the MSD

Actually, that's one of the best ways to go. Easy to install and hook up. That's what I'm running, MSD 6A and the small diameter Chev billet distributor. It's the only one that will clear the blower.
I have always had good luck with the Mallory unilight with the blaster coil or comparable. It has a small cap and would fit.
You can buy a pre moulded insert to cut into the firewall to give clearance at the distributor. 1 hour job to fit and it looks like its meant to be there. Speedy Bill does one.
I'm running the TP body and frame and have the same issue. I chose the Pertronix plug and play billet distributor that has the small, old time cap. Even with it I end up with only about an inch clearance but it has worked out ok. This is the only Pertronix unit I have any experience with.
On another note are you going to the show in Boerne is October? There are several of us from the RGV coming up, hope to see you if you make it.

The show in Boerne is Oct 9, 10 and 11. I'm guessing Saturday is the main day. Some buddies go every year so we age going up Friday and plan to be there for the whole thing. Hope you make it.


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