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Hello from 33411


New Member
New here and want to say hello. I have enjoyed hot rods forever and have built several. Looking to start a T soon and enjoyed reading all the posts. If there is anyone close by please contact me. I would enjoy getting to meet new gearheads. Email =
If 33411 is your Zip code, then 32765 would like to welcome you to the Forums.

Welcome from 32824
Boy o boy did you come to the right place. There are some excellent builders here from Florida. Welcome to the site.

welcome aboard-- this is a good site for info. I'am @ 50129 Jefferson,Iowa......................................
Welcome from Sin City :cry:
I am new here I have a 23 ford frame I just picked up. I have wanted a t bucket since I saw the monsters on tv. I am looking for a manual on on how to build a t bucket. Can any one help me find a good source?

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