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Hello from CT


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Just joined the forums to look around and decide whether or not to jump into the T-bucket arena or not. I currently own a 1968 Ford XL Fastback that I have restored over a long period of time (I have owned the car for 27 years). It is an awesome car, but I am a little bored with it. I think I keep it more for sentimental reasons than anything else and I think I have finally come to the point where I could sell it if I knew it were going to a good home. I have always dreamed of a blown T-bucket so that is why I am here - To read, listen and learn.

Welcome to the fold John. Yep, buckets are, well.........a bucket of fun! :D But they are not for everybody, and do have some drawbacks. Obviously, I am willing to put up with those drawbacks because I love seems some people are roadster types and some like a little more room and comfort. Roadster guys are a hardy bunch......we get windblown and rained on regularly, and love it.

Being that you are in Ct, you have Total Performance right in your backyard. They are a good source of parts and info and have been around forever. You might want to stop by and see what turns you on.

The biggest drawback is space, even going to a car show presents issues like not being able to take a cooler or folding chairs easily. My Son and I are going to Billetproof this weekend in mine, and we have to pack real light so the two of us and our gear all fit.

If you can swing it financially, I would suggest keeping the fastback too. First of all, you have a history with it and will kick your butt some day for selling it. Secondly, it will give you a larger car for those times when you want to go a longer distance or stretch out a little more. Just a thought. I am building a '39 Dodge truck just for that reason.

Another consideration is if there is a lady in your life, some of them really don't see the charm in an open air car at 70 mph. My ex-wife HATED my roadster.......guess that is why she is now my EX.

Welcome John, I like how Don put it on the buckets. I love mine wouldn't trade it for anything. I look at as a 4 wheel motorcycle. Its got the same weather protection and a little more storage than my Harley. :D I wouldn't get rid of the fastback either.
Welcome to the forum. I really can't add to what Don said and like Bruce and Don, I too think you need to hold onto that 'Stang till they pull the keys from your cold, dead hands!:D Heck, I had a '66 Coupe that was my second car. I got it back in '80 before the prices got crazy. I STILL miss that car.:D

I can't add much to what the other guys have already said so I'll just wish you a big T bucket WELCOME!!!!


hi, John. i see that you live in Milford, CT. I live in Orange, Ct. Our car club holds are Friday night cruise night @ the McDonalds across from the Milford Post Mall { WalMart } stop down, first cruise May 2nd. I have a white t-bucket w/ flames..... T-Buckets are a blast, they are like go~carts on steroids. you will have lots a fun with yours. good luck.... [23]

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