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Hello from East Tenn


I am new to the forum and t-buckets. But i am in the process of collecting
info to build one.I have built a couple of vw sandrails just for highway use offroad. Now i would like to build a t-bucket.
I will have to read a lot in this forum and i have already learned a lot.
I have found out you guys are a lot of help and i hope to learn from you all. Jesse
Jesse go back to your account options and put your city and state in that way everyone knows where your from.
Jesse, Welcome to the forum... T Buckets are a horse of a different color, nothing like them on the road, except you do now have the feeling, having built and drivin buggy's on the street, as they are plenty quick also... I am stuck out here in Calif. for probably the duration now , O-well.. Best of luck in getting a T together, ask a lot of questions, even if you think it is a dumb question, as I used to call them, because I asked them all myself, at first, how else can one learn? Ask the people that have been there... or are there... :welcome:
Welcome Jesse :hide:
It might take me a little while to start a build, but i am looking forward to it, I will post
pics as soon as i do, and I will ask a lot of questions. I have a lot to learn but I am doing
a lot reading on here and supprised how much info there from the people on here.

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