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hello from new zealand


good morning everyone-been lurking for awhile,reading everything i can and i think its a great site.i've had the beginnings of a bucket for awhile now but have been busy finishing other projects and will start on this one was originally going to be just a bucket but have decided to go with the tourer to be a little different.
In case the pictures don't come out-its a steel 27 body that had the tourer section cut off and then i found a rear tourer section awhile later that fit straight on .it will probably be nostalgia styled with flathead mtr,i-beam and split wishbones,buick finned drum brakes and a pontiac diff and steel rims and whitewalls.i want it low so won't be to fussed on seating arrangements in the back.anyway i"ll try to add some photos.thanks mark.

i think those came out well?are the photos to big?anyway a couple of off topic photos of what i've been building and playing around with.



some daily driver-69 I6 and 4spd,one owner out of texas

a long term project-austin a40 pickup street/dragcar-blown 355 chev/pwrglde/9"

and finally another on the go project-28 roadster-283/turbo 350/9''
:lol: Mark you have a lot of good looking projects there. You have come to the right place lots of good info here, it looks like you have been at this for a while. If you have a have a question just ask, and I bet you have some answers to. Glad your on board.
Thats a fine looking collection you have there.:lol:

We're in Chch with a blown big block 23 T bucket (I used to race at Meremere,and Taupo and raced once at Masterton) and a 26 T coupe (ex Auckland) and I also have an a40 pickup for a future gasser project. And a 37 Nash with body issues, and a 37 Topolino that my wife cruises around in.

We are members of Bay Rodders and a members of RodBenders

All the best with your new project.

Nice looking projects I see the steering wheel on the bucket is on the wrong side.LOL
Welcome to the forum, you certainly have some great looking cars.
Greetings sharpmark...which one are ya bringing to Beach hop next year???:cry:
breaking ranks and taking the 34 to invercargill.don't care about the politics of the 2 events being on the same date-really looking forward to the roadtrip almost the length of nz aand after going down there on my bmw dakar for the 1st bert munroe rally have been looking forward to taking one of my cars down there-can't beat that southern hospitality.
Good on ya,Mark,wouldnt mind doing something different,myself,we cant do the NSRA Nats in Christchurch cos I cant be away from the business for any more than a few days,too much on at the mo..But would love to take a couple of weeks in the south island again,maybe in a year or two..Enjoy it,would love to cruise those long straights again..:cool:
Welcome :lol: Kwel pics :lol:
Yup SharpMark, politics suck.

We also have a huge clash with the Nostalgias and the Pre-49s. And Im a member of each of the organising clubs.

May do the first two days of the Pre-49s and then fly up to the Nostalgias on the saturday afternoon. If Noddy gets the Winged Express to NZ and its running at the Nostalgias, then I NEED to be there to see it.

Havent decided between BH10 and Americarna Invercargill, but we have booked to go back to Americarna NP in February. Will catch the Cliff Richard concert at the bowl the same weekend and thats my wifes 50th sorted.

I would like to do BH10 in my bucket again, but may do the first Americarna south instead. Will get it figured before christmas.
yes we're booked for americana-np but not doing cliff as we're going to fleetwood mac in dec at the bowl of brookland.theres so many clashes of dates-quite annoying.think i'm doing the pre49's as well-have to check dates again.
Will see you at Americarna NP in february :)

Theres an opportunity to do a south island loop this coming summer. Do the cruise to Invercargill for Americarna South, then spend most of the following week cruising up the west coast and onto Blenheim for the Street Nats and then travel to Hanmer Spring enroute to Christchurch for the pre-49s.

Or do BH10 and cruise down to Blenheim for the Street Nats and onto Christchurch via Hanmer for the pre-49s

Either trip will be an awesome road trip

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