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Hello from NY


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Hi all, jumping in and planning on building a Trac-T type car out of my old race car spares. Not going nuts as it is a project to do with my young son of 5 who loves hot rods. I was going to go with the Total Performance King T but it seems they are out of business. Superior glass works has what looks like the same body. Any info on these would be appreciated.
Not new to building cars and chassis, but it has been 20 plus years. As the boy get older I would like to do a 32 type.
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Welcome!! From what I've read, Superior made the King-T body for Total. Street Rodder's Jim Rizzo (& wife) did a build of one them and it was chronicled the mag the ast year or so.. That's probably what got you interested in that body, but if you didn't see it, go check them out.

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