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Hello from Pittsburgh


New Member
Good morning folks. I'm new to this forum, not new to T-Buckets and the like. I've owned my '23 for several years now and am looking forward to the start of Cruzin' season here in Western Pa. I'm also in the process of building a '27 T coupe, so I've got my hands full with projects. Glad to be part of the forum.
Welcome to the best T forum (I think anyway :) ) There are a lot of good ole Boys here, wish there were some Gals as well !? As I have build a few cars for Women along the way... Where are they? Your T coupe sounds like fun also.. Happy cruisin :)
Hello, welcome aboard. I'm from Hermitage, Pa. I've got a 25 T-Bucket that's a blast to drive. It's great that Pa. finally made them legal!!!:):lol::)
Thanks guys. It's nice to be aboard. Yes, it's great that PA finally got with the program and made it a little easier for us to own these cars. I've had a terrific time driving mine around. When I get a moment I'll post a couple of pics. Thanks again.
welcome from minnesota Paul

Well i hope i am doing this correctly. First time on a forum i don't own a t-bucket yet
but i am in the process of gathering info. I am planning to build one from start to finish. I have built 2 vw sandrails from the ground up.So i look forward to getting
started. will need a lot of info in the future. from East Tenn.
welcome jesse ... ask lots of questions .... that's where we all started at one time.

Welcome from Las Vegas. :hide:

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