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Hello from Scotland u.k.


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hi guys , Russ Grieve from Lower Largo, Scotland, longtime hotrodder and T bucket fanatic, although i`ve had may rods over the years only recently got the T bucket i`ve been promising myself for 20 years.







Welcome to the site Russ. That's an awesome T you have there. Really like the Jag! What spring rate are you using?

Wecome To THE FORUM very nice ride,very nice.Is that a 1915 body?
Welcome aboard Russ, I thought it was wet in England for a bucket but I suppose you have got a roof :)
Bye the way Russ did anyone tell you that you put the stering wheel on the wrong side?But it's still one bad ass ride.More info please.That paint job on the frame is to cool.You know someone in a polishing shop?Cause that aluminum looks bitchin.
Me again as i look at your picks i see also a steering damper cylinder hooked to the drag link.Thats one bad ride dude.I think i've found the car of my dreams.
Welcome to the site. Drink some Bunnahabhain scotch for Me. I have a friend from Scotland that brings a bottle home when they come back it is really smooth.
Back to cars what kind of steering box do you have to run I see it coming through the body.
Ceud mle filte, mo charaid!

I've yet to visit Fife, but Clacks as well as places in Stirlingshire and Perthshire feel like home. Once upon a time, I was engaged to a lass in Sauchie, so I've spent a fair bit of time in the Hillfoots area. I've a pal just outside Dunblane that's offered to buy dinner at the Sheriffmuir Inn :drool:, so I'm trying to make some plans to get back across.

You've a very nice ride, indeed!

You'll need to come visit one of our sister sites - the Clann Alba Forums
thanks for the kind comments guy`s now to try an answer your questions, youngster don`t know the spring rate of the rear coilovers but when chromed they loose some of the power in the spring rate, so years under the jag then chroming them has made them perfect for under the T as the drive and handling is spot on , i`ve hit an 8 inch high speed bump at er speed and it took it in it`s stride ,
Rick body is based on a cut down 15 touring although the sides have been dropped and the back raised it`s then been shortened a further 6 inches and channelled at the front to give the cartoony look, steering is cut down pre 68 vw microbus and is very precise no wandering or bump steer here thank you,
putz, never tried that tipple although i do prefer bud, magners cider and bulmers pear cider, never been a whisky lover, the steering box/column is cut down pre 68 vw microbus and is very precise no wandering or bump steer .
Mike i know that area fairly well but if you do ever manage back over gimme a shout, plenty places here to eat n drink till you drop.
Awesome looking T Bucket! Welcome to the forum.:lol:
Tbucit said:
It's an great looking T. We are going to Edinbough next summer for the games a Hollyrood park, you any where near that?

hi Randall yes we`re only about 45 minutes from Edinburgh,
Hi Russ

As has been said many times thats one gorgeous T its one of the best I have seen, I just live about 60miles from yours and plan a wee trip down for a look in the flesh, maybe a beer or 3.



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