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My name is Jim and I am a retired electrician living in central Florida. I currently have two street rods. One is a '37 Chevy that I converted from a two door sedan to convertible sedan. It is known as EX SEDAN by the personalized plate. The other one is a '25 T turtle deck roadster known as EX JUNK by it's plate.

The T is completely home made and home built. By home made I mean, the body was made by my younger son Rob, and all design work was done by my older son Chuck. Rob had to first make a "plug" from which a mold was made to cast the parts. The frame was designed and built by myself and a friend in his home garage/shop. The only job that was not done at home was the upholstery even though I had made the seat and side panels. ( I tried doing my own upholstery once a long time ago and said that I would never do that again.)

The EX JUNK name comes from all the "junk" parts used to build the T. The front axle and springs were pulled from my '37. The transmission and front brakes were taken from a '74 Nova parts car. The rear end was pulled from a junked '96 S-10 and the engine started life in a '74 Chevy truck in the junk yard.

You can check my T project out on the "Project Journals" page at HOTRODDERS .com under KOALA T.Here is the link:

Although my car is completed, my journal is only about 2/3 complete. I hope to finish it whenever time permits and I live long enough.

I hope that I have not bored you all too much with this rather long winded introduction.
About time ya made it over here. :lol:
Paint done?
Still working on it. I hope to have it ready for the T night at Old Town.
Careful Ex Junk, this site is infectous. Glad to see you here. Hope to see some posts from you. Welcome!
Thanks for dropping by, EX JUNK! glad to see you're checking us out. I've seen your journal before and your work is fantastic.
Welcome, I checked out your build, Nice :D
By the way,Heres Jim's '37 (ex-sedan)
Thanks Jim (TrackT). Someday I'll get smart enough to be able to post some pictures of my T. I think that the guys on this forum are much more interested in T's than anything else.
Not a problem,
Here Jim's (ex-junk)
I think I know your brothers, WZJUNK, and JUSJUNK:lol::)


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