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hey all


havent posted in awhile and hadnt logged in for awhile lol , had 3 pms 2 asking about the car, the T with the buick straight 8 in my avitar picture , about the car i to like it very much but there was very little posted about it and that is the only photo i know of it , sorry i cant steer you to more photos of it or build information , the other question was on a vw trike book , it is put out by the badass trike company and shows how to build a mid engine vw trike i found them on ebay book is or was $75 it was made like chester greenloughs old how to build a T for cheap book , not real technical but if you can fabricate its not to bad a guide was it worth the money eh i will let you be the judge of that if you buy a copy it gave me the knowledge of joining the 2 transaxles so i guess it fed my quest for the knowledge , i wanted :cool:
Hi Al!! glad to see your still hotrodding!! Oh master of gathering parts...
I almost hoarded a 40 hudson last weekend.. was a nice ride and priced about right..
used to have a 53 wasp coupe in high school had a cracked block never did get it running some dude made yard art out of it , we saw the sun today was impressed that after 20+ days of rain it was still up there :cool:
You all must have offended the rain gods Al.

not me lol i want sunshine for motorcycle rides , but with all the rain its a no go , can only hope it gets better , :eek:
it has been nothing short of perfect hotrodding weather here lately..Ive put 100 miles on this week easy..broke an alternator bracket tuesday night. Old US10 is a rough old road, it will break anything with a hint of weakness...
good for you and the family its been about 3 days of sun out of 30 days of rain here ive got toadstools on my lawn which is 10" deep and growing , im going to sell everything and buy a wall sized tv and a couch lol :)
cant sell something i dont have putz the car in my avatar photo was one i liked i found on the web this is the only photo i know of this car , i have a pile of junk that wishes it was a car :razz:
Dont they all start as a pile of junk. Its what you do with that pile that makes it cool.
How do you think my car got the EX JUNK name?

wow news flash there was a rare sun and blue sky sighting in massachusetts , folks in a panic because bright yellow ball in the sky is something not seen in so long :cool:
scored a 1964 impala this week.. Will be in the shop here within the month with any luck.. lolololol.. Also scored a full set of mid 60s vintage keystone brand torque thrust wheels n caps n a nice pair of BF goodrich tires on thm..guy GAVE them to me.. They look like they just came out of the box...
captainjunk said:
the sun came out in taxachussets today i rode my motorcycle to work yay :cool:

:thumbsup: The Mrs and me have been riding ours around Texas.
allright norsman happy hotrodding , got a tank of bad gas in Vt last night didnt know if the BMW was going to get me home or i was going to have to push it , :sly:
captainjunk said:
allright norsman happy hotrodding , got a tank of bad gas in Vt last night didnt know if the BMW was going to get me home or i was going to have to push it , :sly:
uuughhhh, that sucks.. been ther done that...

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