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Hey DUKE.......!!!

Baby Huey

New Member
I was just wonderin how the battle goes at the DMV ? Or are ya there yet ? Need to take a pick handle with ya ?

I went in there just before I started my project, I asked the woman at the counter what I needed to do to licence and title a Assembled vehicle? She looked at me really funny..:confused:
Then she turned and picked up a gigantic book, about 6" thick and packed it over to the counter.
She went thru that book from one end to another and finally she closed the book put back where she found it and said " All I can say sir, is keep all your reciepts and paperwork.."
I could feel a need for "Tuck's Pads", so I quickly thanked her for her time and left..... "BH"
Haven't done it yet, I have been thru the drill before, kinda know the ropes ! ( I Hope ). ;) I am waiting for a new Transmission cooler, The one I have has a pin hole in a weld on the end cap. :mad: I am ready except for the cooler.

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