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Hey Everyone, Chops back in town


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I havent been around in forever. DOing a house remodel, making a movie, redoing some of the T and helping the rest of the guys in the car club with thier rides along with working 10 hour days hasn't left me any time. But I can say that I missed this place.

Anyhow. last week I did some work on the T, With the hemi in and how the steering box is mounted I would have to pull the motor to adjust the box. No Bueno there. So I ripped it all back out, drilled some 3/4 inch holes through the frame, sleeved them with some extra tube I made my draglink and tie rod from, welded it all back together and built a mount out of 3/8 plate for the top and a piece of 1 1/2 X 3" X .188 wall tube. Now the mount has 3 9/16 dia grade 8 bolts with hardened washers and nylocks holding it in. I can pull the whole mount in about 5 mintues which really rocks.

other then that, I had a buddy of mine stripe a flame job in white scross the cowl and down the sides of the body in white...

heres the movie I have been working on for over the last year. Finished my last shoot on saturday and headed to editing now.

[ame="[media=youtube]M8iVx94WotM[/media]"]YouTube - Hemispherical Trailer #2[/ame]

let me know what you think.

I am really happy to be back and need to do so

me carb work on the hemi then she will be back on the street.

Good to see you back! Your car looks great. It's always nice to know there are a few folks on this forum from Colorado. Not many of us. :eek:

Welcome back Chop. I was hoping that pretty thing in your avatar would be in the video. Good job on the vid.
Welcome back ,,cool vid

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