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Hey guys


New Member
Just registered. My son Raidmagic on the site, told me about this place. I've got a 23t and I'm in the process of building a 29 chevy 3 window coupe. Here's a pic of the t-bucket.

Welcome!!! We're glad to have you join us here. I just know you'll like the atmosphere on this site. Everyone helps everyone, great guys here!

Thanks for the welcome guys. Looks like a good place with some good info. Hope I can contribute a little also.
WELCOME!:lol: I'm going to be rebuilding mine after an accident. I have a list of questions. Sorry to throw this on you first day in the pond, but....

1. What spindles are you using? Is that an early Ford "I" beam axle?
2. What tie steering arms? Original or after market?
3. What size tires and rims?
4. How does she ride?
5. Any problems with that braking system? Looks like an early GM setup.

Yea, I know it's a lot, but you've got what my rebuild may look like!

That's a damn hot rod!
Welcome to the group Bob23T.

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