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I posted this up on another site and thought I would share with my tbucket friends:

Background - There was a couple posts a while ago about what we all use for keeping track of our assets. After reading that there wasn't really anything out there that worked, I set to creating something that was easy to use had features that were useful. Here is what I came up with.

Quick features list:

Ability to create your own lists to include, manufacturer, catagory, size and type.
Ability to store photos of each item.
Ability to attach a scan of the purchase receipt.
Ability to run reports on the database, there are three reports included
- full inventory sorted by catagory and manufacturer.
- inventory by catagory
- inventory by manufacturer

It comes pre-loaded with some generic info such as sizes, manufacturers and such but you can easily edit the lists to tailor it to your needs.

For those that have not seen this before here are some screen shots:

This is the main screen: Just click a button.


The main item entry screen:


Administration screen - this is where you edit your lists: Click the list you wish to edit and it will popup.


Here is the report menu:


And here is one of the reports that are currently created: This is the full inventory report.


Here are the download links for those that wish a copy.

If you already own Microsoft Access 2007 you can download here:

If you do not own Microsoft Access you can download this version that includes Access Runtime 2007:

**Disclaimer** This software is free, distributed for free, I do not warrant anything, so please do not come to me if you lose your data. **End Disclaimer**
Cudos to you.
Thanks for going though the work of creating that and for giving it away.
Dontcha love Access? It sure has come a long way.
I've been developing apps with it (and using VBA to make it even more powerful) since version 1. It paid my bills for many many months. :hi:

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