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How about a contest / gift exchange / who needs a subscription to Rod and Custom?


I'm up for renewal and even though MY subscription is about twenty bucks they've allowed me something like four - $5 gift subscriptions.

So we're going to have a contest... you want a gift subscription to Rod and Custom?

I've got an extra twenty dollar bill that I can spend easily for FOUR subscriptions.

First gift goes to LumenAl if he isn't a subscriber because I might not be on the road if it weren't for him and I still owe him.

Who wants 'em or needs 'em?

Tell me why and I'll make it happen... but I'm not going with the first responses. I want to be fair about this. Some folks don't spend 24/7 on this board and I want then to at least have a shot at something.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Chanukah, Feliz Navidad, etc)

That's a cool idea. They have really been coming back as a good publication. I have been considering subscribing again and letting the Street Rodder lapse next summer. The best thing is to give the young guys the gift subscription, like the one who wants to build a rat rod T. And Merry Christmas to you T-Odd. :thumbsup:
A noble plan T-Odd and a newbie would be the obvious choice however I would wait on giving a subscription to one of them until you can determine their level of commitment. I have noticed that a lot of them write in one time to introduce themselves, all full of vim and ready to go, and then are never heard from again. We haven't heard back yet from the young lad in Canada. There was a woman from Mississippi who wrote in awhile back who was also welcomed with open arms. We've never heard from her again either. I know you will choose wisely but I would hate to see you waste a subscription on someone to whom the dream of building a T-bucket is just having a passing fancy.
I agree... I'm a member of SEVERAL forums where you'll get a post from a very excited individual that (most of the time) claim to have been lurking for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge and do that initial post... never to be heard from again unfortunately.

I just thought it would be a nice thing to give away to someone that could use it, someone that might appreciate a gift, someone that actually READS not just looks at the pictu... wait, nevermind. LOL

I wonder if Youngster is a subscriber or a newstand guy? Now that he is retired cash doesn't come in like it used to.
thanks for the thought todd, i'm good til jue'11 on sr and dec'10 on r&c. they have been xmas a b'day gifts for years.

Wow has no one jumped on this yet?

I am not a current R&C subscriber, I will be getting a sub to Street Rodder for xmas, I am an avid reader, I usually end up buying the mags off the shelf just because I am to stupid to pony up for the subscription!!

The T is my first hotrod, I was a prior muscle car guy with the 68Camaro rs, I had subs to Super Chevy, CarCraft, HotRod and Popular Hotrodding. All of which I let expire when I sold the Camaro. I thought not having the mags come every month would help with the "want" of driving a rod, I was wrong and well here I am.

If I do not have something to read I get a little weird so the wife does not mind the mags, books all over the house.

BTW you never did say if you got the copy of SR with your bucket in it.

Keeper said:
...BTW you never did say if you got the copy of SR with your bucket in it...


T-odds car? You bet it has...


Honest! :liar:
Keeper, I never did get a copy of that Street Rodder.

Email me your address and I'll swap out one of these subscriptions to Rod and Custom for that Nov Street Rodder if you want to.

at gmail dot com... rockertodd
I was not going to write, but if no one is I would love to have one. Paying retail for it at $6.99 sucks but it is a good read most of the time. I would already have one but I get a few mustang mag. And with the slow down at the dealership I don't think I could get my wife to under stand that. I just have to keep saving to buy more parts for my bucket.:D
Tell you what T-Odd. I would pay the $5 for my own and pony $5 for someone elses, Then you only need to pay for one plus the stamp.

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