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How low can you go??

Tommy T

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Alrighty...Been getting a headache figuring out a few things without an actual body in front of me.

My biggest concern when I start my bucket how i sit in it. I DO NOT like some of the seating positions on many buckets I've seen. Knee's up to the steering wheel and drivers sitting so high it looks out of porportion from the driver to the car.

My plans are that I would like to sit as low as I can....but still be able to use foot controls. Idealy I would like to be sitting and have the side of the body even with my armpit. Is this possible in a bucket?? I'm at 6' tall as well! Thanks for any input!
Yes it's very doable BUT if you loose the seat riser then you have to find a place for the wiring.If you use the old bomber seats they can sit right on the floor or you can do your own version of the standard interior but with out the riser.Good Luck
The side of your bucket will be about 22" at the back edge of the door. Channeling the body 3" and using 3/4" plywood for the floor will give you about 18". Moving to the rear of the seat bottom, you pick up 2" and two more by the time you get to the top of the back cushion.

I've posted this before, but fore the most comfortable seat position, the bottom cushion should be at 15 degrees off the floor. The back cushion should be 120Degrees of the floor.

When I set up my seats, I use a 3" seat riser with the back of the bottom cushion 1" off the floor. Then I set the back at 105 degrees off the seat bottom. You still have the foam or springs to deal with but that ought to get you in the ballpark.

how about this from the u.k. about 25 + odd years ago built by a guy called Pip Biddlecome it was known as low blow, i saw it at Blackbush drags about 1983ish, it was later made a bit more streetable an renamed infinitee heres a couple of before and after shots.


How much of a stretch does that body have?
I stretched the cowl 6'' by adding a '26-'27 style cowl. I am 6'- 1 1/2" tall and fit quite comfortably. I do not like to sit "on" my car but rather "in" my car. I have had some extended rides and found it to be very comfortable.
My seat is made like Youngsters measurements and My knees are still above the body line. I am 6'1" You might want to look at stretched bodies like the CCR smooth body is 8" longer which is alot more room.CCR
We made our own body molds and built the body ourselves. I liked some features of the '23-'25 style and I liked some things of the '26-'27 style as well. What we did was to build the '23-'25 style turtle deck and mount it almost 4" higher than stock on a basic '23-'25 body and then we fabricated a '26-'27 style cowl and door lines. The car is registered as a '25 and I like to kid some people and tell them that it is a '26-'27 prototype body.
No, it is strictly a one off body. I have turned down many offers to market it but that is not what I want to do.
Thats to bad cause it looks like it would be a money maker.I wouldn't mind one either.
There is something else that I did not mention about my body. There is absolutely NO wood in it's construction. It is a double wall, foam filled, steel reinforced construction. We used a lot of special high strength structural "glass" in all the high stress areas. Even the floor is of this type of "glass".
EX JUNK said:
Is this the position that you would like to achieve?


First off...THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! So nice to have a site like this to help in the first steps of my build!

That is just about the look I'm looking for. I plan on a 30" MAS bed and channeling the body enough to keep the frame tucked up inside.

Does anyone make a tub with 2 working doors? I would like to fabricate a "LOW" chopped look hardtop as well...but if the doors don't open...well we aint getting in to drive! Thanks!
There was a post either here or at the Buckethead Bash forum that had pics some tub bodies. I thought it was Mountain Home Street Rods that was building them but I went to their site and didn't see anything. I'll keep looking. I'm sure they are what you are looking for.
Saw this at a run yesterday.

You taller guys have it kinda bad when it comes to older cars, especially when they have been chopped and channeled. Being only 5'9" has some advantages because I can fit into them pretty well. To give you some idea of how we fit in mine, here is a picture of my Son and I at Billetproof earlier this year.



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