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How many are in for the somerset ky gathering

Yea Bill sounds like you have done a great job. I Googled the hotel phone # and found their web site. It looks like a great place to stay and FREE breakfast.

This looks like a great event Bill has put together for us. we will be there for sure.
Dad and I are already planning on being there. We;ll bring both our '27's. We were there last year on the PowerTour and we all had a great time. When I told Dad about this, he said, "Sommerset?...Heck ya...lets do it!" This time I'll be bringing my girl as my passenger... It'll be the longest trip she'll have taken in the roadster!
Guess I'd better call the Best Western and get our rooms booked. :bubble:

Thanks Bill for getting all this set up!

Here's a shot from last years trip. The red '27 is my dad (driving) with my uncle. The long-haired mug in the corner is my little bro who had never been on a PowerTour before and had an awesome time.

I talked to Bill on the phone yesterday and RPM is going to send Bill $100.00 for dash plaques for this event. We don't know how many we can get for $100, but Bill has donated a lot of his time for this. I hope this event really comes together and becomes and annual thing.
I talked to Bill on the phone yesterday and RPM is going to send Bill $100.00 for dash plaques for this event. We don't know how many we can get for $100, but Bill has donated a lot of his time for this. I hope this event really comes together and becomes and annual thing.
When we host car shows we get dash plaques and trophies from online. Bill I'll look to see if I still have the place where we got our last dash plaques. We were able to get 75 or 100 for $100. I cant remember. i do belive it was 100 and they were great looking.
We would like to get some idea of how many of these to order. So far looks like about 20-25.

This is where I got them at. We order all our trophies and dash plaques from them and they have great products and service.

This is what we ordered last year. We got 100 for $100.00. It is aluminum with a sticky tape backing.
Friday Feb 12th Pam and I drove to Somerset to meet with Bill. Went over and checked out the hotel that Bill has lined up for us. It looks great. The big Lowe's parking lot is just across a very narrow street where we can park trucks and trailers. There is a Super Wal-Mart right next to Lowe's in the same parking lot. Does Wal-Mart still allow campers to park over night? There are plenty of places to keep the ladies busy if they like to shop.

There is plenty of food places with in a very easy walk. Cracker Barrel, Golden Corral, and a ton of fast food places all with in walking distance. The main event at The Center is about a block away. From talking to folks in the area and Bill they have a band on Friday night and all kinds of things going on. Oh did I mention it is FREE.

Bill is working hard lining up some very nice cruises for everyone to do. We stopped at Cumberland Falls on the way in. Looks like a great cruise in a bucket. It was too cold to do a lot of looking yesterday as it was only 25 degrees.

Bill's computer took a dump the other day and he will be down for few days waiting on a new one to arrive.

This could well be "THE" t bucket event of the year. There is no registration fees, So FREE again again. Just bring the bucket and the family and come join in.
Thats what I like to hear.....FREE...and no lame excuse for registration fees for club members to pay at their own event. Thnaks for the update Ron. How long did it take to get up there from your way.
It is 150 miles from us and we stopped a couple of times, and it took 2 1/2 hours. This is a very easy drive to get to. You get off I-75 at exit 41 in KY and take hwy 80 west. Hwy 80 is almost like an interstate a big 4 lane with limited access. Somerset is about 30 miles off the exit. No problems pulling a trailer. No going thru little towns with 25 mph speed limits and cop behind the sign waiting for you.

Here is a link to the Somernites web site, check it out there will be alot going on.
We're really looking forward to this. I don't think we're going to be able to spend the week there, but should be able to get there early Friday afternoon and be able to stay through Sun morning. When this gets a little closer, we should sticky this thread (or start a clean one) with all of the info and numbers. We want to be able to hook up with the group when we get there.

As for help, let me know if there is anything we can do to help out. To help get some interest and attendance, maybe we could hold some raffles or give-aways. Our business, PRO-KOTE INDY, would offer up a gift certificate for some powdercoating or ceramic header coating services to get things started.

Also, is there a name for this T-get together yet?
Yea Ben sounds good. We do need a name for this don't we?

How about some names for this event anyone got some suggestions. Bill will be back in a few days and we can get his input. He will need to know to get the name put on the dash plaques.
Here is the new dash plaques we are ordering. They are only $.92 per. She can do some great art work......


We are going to be taking a different route up thru Danville Va. That way we can do some site seeing and stops.
Hey Randell,I'll plan on comin bye your place on my way,will work on the details later. Thanks, about to add some cool stuff to the bucket, :thumb: C

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