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Howdy Folks!


New Member
Hey Folks! Geno here. I'm new to this forum, and really like what I see. Great community with lots of activity. Thanks for having me. Geno
Geno, we do like activity here. So get active. Do you have a bucket? If so lets see pictures. If not, lets get started on one. Welcome aboard friend.

Welcome to the site! Glad to have you here.
Thanks for stopping in and I know you'll stay. We're a nice group and glad to be of help when we can. I hope you'll stay and let us know what you're working on or planning.:welcome:
Geno? LOL

I been tryin to make you a buckethead for a while. Maybe these guys will have some success. I do have to say you are better than anyone I know at showing off Buckets. even if there not yours.

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