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Howdy from the new guy in Arizona


What a great site. Hopefully, no one freaks out when they read about and see my rare one-off Santos/Buterra T-Bucket under reconstruction. It has a lot of history and the "B" stuff on it. The Jalopy Jounal guys, threatened to get a rope and have a lynching, in regards to my first posting. They eventually backed off, when I posted photos of my other rods.
Welcome :D You got any pics? :) ............ :)
Glad to hear that. Just in case I will post a few photos of my other rods.

"Cardiac Arrest" - '23 121" WB and a radical 396 bbc

"Lil Keg" - '27 with 425hp 383 Stroker

"Monster-T" - '23 T-Bucket on steroids. I acquired the body and bed molds for this oversized T, from a studio warehouse in Hollywood. The body is stretched 18", widened 12", deepened 8" and channeled 7". The studio made two bodies and one completed rod for a movie 15yrs. ago, and it set in storage since. I can't find anyone who knows what the title of the movie is.

'31 Model A Pickup - I won this a couple of years ago win I purchased 3 - $25 Raffle Tickets
I'm afraid I would need a little more than the $75 I paid for it, but thanks for the offer. If I get really hard up for cash for another T, I will let you know.
Nice cross ram on the one bucket you don't see to many of those anymore.
The cross-ram bucket was built in '77. Sometimes when my buddy drives it, he thinks I should rename it to "Point and Shoot!"
Nice rides :D
Welcome, I was raised in Phoenix for many years and then spend 15 years in Lake Havasu City. Been through Wickenburg many times. Always loved that town. Fished Alamo Lake many times. Liven here in Michigan now. Sure do miss Arizona.

Thanks, we were supposed to have a firing-up party tonite, but it was 103 today so us old farts just set by my pool and drank bruskeys.
Hey Thomas, it was just 103 today in Wickenburg, but when I left Phoenix at 4 my car thermo read 107. Just a tad warm for this time of year. When coming thru Wickenburg, all the rodders meet at Screamer's Drive-In. A real retro grill and the best burgers in the country.

t-4-2 is formally from Az. and now lives in Michigan. He bought his '27 T from me, which was his dream car and is having a ball with it. While the snow was blowing this winter, he dropped a 425hp-383 Stroker into it. Catch him on this site, he is a great guy, we've stayed in touch for the past year.
At least down here in Sierra Vista we're nearly a mile in elevation so it stays a little cooler. We only break 100 a few times per year. Our hottest month of the year is June, with an average high of 92. The average high in July and August is 87. :wall:
boy do I feel dumb! Where are the pics?
Wickenburg is about 500' higher than the valley and the Yarnell Hill is 5,250 about 20mi. north. Our monings are great because of the heavier cool air dropping down as the warmer air go up. It took me awhile to figure out what we have a north breezed everymorning. An oldtimer had to explain it to me. We are usually about 15 degrees cooler at nite than the Valley of the Sun.

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