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Humor at car shows


I go to 10 to 15 car shows a summer .Every year I make a sign to put on my windsheild with a little humor added. Year 2007 my sign said''This car gets 100 smiles per gallon'' Year 2008 my sign said '' Built Ford tough with chev-vy stuff'' Ford people didn't like that one. Oh well can't please everybody... Year 2009 my sign will say '' this car is A hybrid burns both gas and rubber. Got to have A little fun.......................
I want one of those shy kids leaning against the car except I'm going to put it under a tire with the tongue sticking out and X's for eyes. I know.... I'm warped!
Dennis Bynum (the guy with the sharks teeth paint job) has painted on his cowl... "Go ahead, rub my rod!"

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