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I need a body


I need advice on bodies (23T) which one should I get, I here the forum talking about good and bad,I sure have enjoyed finding this place,I see a lot from RPM I would like to see photos of his ride
Here ya go here is a pic of one of my toys. Check your PM
everyone's gonna have their fav. i like speedways but the ones from hermans have peaked my interest too. if you're looking for one with an insert, then total or spirit are good choises. ya kind get what ya pay for here too.

I have had 2 unknown bodies and a Total w/seat insert,the current total body w/insert should be coming any day now.
After dealing with Total and having good luck and good help from them i havent tried any others.Compared to the unknown bodies i really like the total ones.
Thats what I was thinking. The chassis for my 27 coupe I think will be a similar wheelbase all said and done.
Picking a body is personal preference are you tall and need extended body? Do you want two or just one door? These are some thing you should look into by sitting in T's or at least looking at them in person. Most t's are not built for comfort or 50 mile rides. So shop carefully. akitagandy Where do you live this could be a factor there are builders located all around the country. hermans fast glass/ spirit industries/total performance/speedway/ccr.
Good luck

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