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Intake manifold repair


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I have an Offenhauser aluminum intake manifold that holds 3-bolt carbs like Strombergs. There are studs in all of the carb hold down holes, but one of the studs got bent outward, and cracked away the outside corner of the boss. I tightened a new stud into the remaining about 1/4" of threads, slipped the carb on and tightened a nut on the stud, but it pulled out of the manifold. Obviously it needed the threads that went away when the corner came off. My question is can an aluminum manifold like this have the corner built back up with weld and I'll guess have the old threads filled in also and then re-tap? Is there a better idea? Or are we talking new manifold?

Absolutely, that manifold is repairable. How you imagine the repair is correct.

Find an experienced Tig welder and he will know what to do. Clean up the edges with a flap wheel, a super thin flycut for the carb surface to make it flat again, and a drill and tap for the new stud. If it was here, I could do it for you in a jiffy.

You should be able to find a machine shop near you that also does welding. Good luck.

Thanks guys, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Just a thought If you have any other "suspect" threaded holes it may not be a bad idea to heli-coil while you are working on the manifold. And if you or your welder doesn't know it is best to weld the entire hole completly and the redrill & tap. After you flaten the carb surface you can tranfer the hole location with the carb or even a new gasket. We weld threaded holes everyday and they work like new.
If you can't get to a welder or you don't want heat, Devcon make a product called casting repair and its almost as good as a weld (not quite of course) long as ever thing is de greased with something like brake spray.

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