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intro from GA


New Member
Just want to say thanks and I'm glad I found this forum. I've been sitting on a sbc, a tranny and a rear end for a couple of years thinking one day I'd put together a bucket. Well, I'm ready to get started and I think this place is going to be a huge help.

Thanks again,
Welcome GA. I just took the plunge myself. I'm in Southeast Alabama, if you're close, give me a holler if I can do anything for you.
Welcome from mo. the people on this forum are really the best. I was ready to give up and these guys put me back on track so if you need help or just a friend to talk to some one will be there. :lol: :lol: Francis
Welcome Todd! We're glad you found us too.

Welcome aboard, man! If you have ANY questions or advice, throw them out there. There's nothing but good people here with a common interest....... T Buckets!:lol:
Welcome Todd :lol:
Howdy from Amarillo TX.:cool:

Hi ya neighbor! :welxome:to our band of hot rodders! If yer close to Savannah, then we can hook up and have a :pint:while we discuss your build.

Thanks for the welcome everyone.
I'm up in north GA, Dahlonega is the town. I'm going to have piles of questions along the way with this project.

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