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Is it really possible?


Reading through the latest Street Rodder magazine, there is an article on "Ray's T"... My question is simple... at the end of the article, it claims that the stereo has FOUR 12 INCH speakers... I'm looking at the pics in the rag, looking at my car, and am left wondering how in the heck do you put one 12 inch speaker in these cars let alone 4!
I'm looking at the same article and it seems that there may be speakers under the seat. What do you think?

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Is Ray on the forum or does anyone know his car...maybe he/they can fill in the blanks. :confused:

maybe it's a typo......12 4"speakers??

blownchebby said:
It might be 2 4inch speakers.

Yep... that's got to be it! But how did the writer go from two 4 inch to Four 12 inch speakers? They are members of the NTBA and posted a question about this, so hope to have an answer from them soon, cause if he somehow was able to hide them, I want to see how! :eek:
They are in a trailer that wasn't pictured?
Whats sad is Ive met the car and the guy and I cant recall where he has them either! lololol Hes a minnesnowta Ts NTBA chapter member...
I havent seen the article or the pics but I think it could be possible... If the seat sits high enough, you could actually make that the box, have the battery attached to the frame... Have two pointing speakers pointing forward and two pointing backwards. Would be a really tight fit but could work. Might make him a wonder with the ladies... lol
"Turn up the bass honey... need more bass!"

thats what SHE said. Think its the same as riding a Harley......

ain't no way in hell I'd get 4 feet of speaker in mine. I took the radio and two 4" speakers out of mine USELESS.......

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