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is this like the previews befor the movie?


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well, i'm a 24 year old who got out of 5 years of active duty in the marines with a tour in iraq, went home and got into the local plumbers and steamfitters union. Originaly i was working on a 76 cutlass but i was planning on leaving for another area for better work, so I sold it, and then got my apprenticeship negating the reason to move... and so the quest for a new project began.

within the last month i stumbled across a friend of a friendof a friend who allowed me to take the 401 nailhead he had sitting around(and tranny!) from his 66 buick GS off his hands for $200 and had some childhood friends who took over thier dads wrecker service transport it for me for $25(thats what friends are for)

I've always been a fan of old buicks and oldsmobiles and believe firmly thatin any open engine car that the engine is just as much part of the appearance as anything else onthe car, and think it would make a great addition on a t-bucket.

unfortunatly i may be working backwards and don't have a t-bucket yet, so i'm still in research and development phase while i save my pennies and look for deals.

so currently aside from my commuter the only part of this project i can currently claim to have is the 401 nailhead and a th-400 that i'm convinced was a switch-pitch and was converted over, or possibly this wasn't the original tranny... either way, for safteys sake i'll be rebuilding both, and with luck converting the trans back to a switch pitch. I want to wait on doing that untill i have something to put it on first, and it will give me time to see if some other options for the engine open up.

I think i've gotten sidetracked enough for now, if i don't cut it off here, i'll be rambling on forever.
Welcome to the T-Bucket Forums Nailbomb.

I agree, the engine is a major element in a T-Bucket's appearance and you are off to a really unique start for yours.

Wow, I'd forgotten about switch-pitch convertors. That would make for a interesting combination, actually.

I also want to thank you for your service to our country.
yeah, i'de like to think i march to the beat of a different drummer, but the truth is i don't really believe anything i'll be doing will be new. Tony Ivo definitly took the nailhead/t-bucket idea first, and chances are good he had a switch pitch on there at some point. besides, my dad introduced me to a old friend of his who does awsome bodywork, and has a old super beetle he choped down, and stuffed a 425 rocket and th-425 switch pitch from a toranado into. Its frightening speed only proves the rumors i've been hearing about a torquey V8 feeding a switch pitch is a solid way to get some speed at a track.

as far as my service to the country, don't worry about it, i did it for me as much as anyone. besides i got some great stories out of it...

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