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It is all the fault of you guys


I finished my 23 T a few months ago, and have been thinking about a Speedster, told the wife that you guys made me think about it and it isn't my fault. She isn't believing it for a second. :lol: Checked out some web sites for the speedster, anyone know where I can find some frame plans. On my 23 T I did all the flashy chrome, If I decide to do a speedster it will be bare bone. My thinking is to stop taking my 38 Chevy pickup to the Bonneville salt flats for speed week and fix it back up. Build a speedster for bonneville. I am thinking small 4 banger. Right now I am just thinking about it and kind of looking at cost to build kinda pre budgeting stage. Anyone know where there is some good plans or info on the speedsters. I really do have a great little woman, she just looks at me and smiles when I get an idea for a car. I think she figures I could be dead and not doing anything, but I am still here and am doing something. :cool:
You are doing something, and that's what matters. Activity is the key to longevity. My wife has a similar attitude, she says that when I'm in the shop at least she knows where I am.
Go ahead and blame us, we'll take it as a point of pride!:lol:
OK...I'll take the blame and wear it with pride.

True speedsters were of the '20's era. These evolved into the modifieds that ran on the flats in the '30's and '40's. Where does the car you are thinking about building fall in this time line?

Thinking of something along these lines, but not as fancy.

Something like the green one?


Well that didn't work! How about something like this;

Sorta like a "speedster".........................
:cool: i like the old speedster thats posted above the blue one , there was a blurb over on the H.A.M.B board about it , the guy i think has made 2 of them both from old fire trucks , from rhode island i think , not sure
The chain drive that has safety written all over it. I took a friend for a ride in my bucket his hand hung over the side and tap the tire at about 40. Better a tire than chain. Cool cars though.
I assume you've done a search on this site for speedster info.

If I were to build one today, I would look for a Model A chassis to source the front and rear suspensions off of. For the frame I would use 1-1/2"x 3" tubing with a suicide front perch and a 3" kick in front of a Model A x-member at the rear. A Merc Cruiser 181 4cyl. (I53 Chevy with a 1/4" arm) adapted to a '39 trans with a V8 adapter. Body wise, a T shell and firewall with a hand built body and hood. Oh yeah, it has to have a round or oval gas tank behind the bomber type seats as well as a spare tire. Don't need no stinkin' fenders! Wheels would be 17" '33 Ford, or 18" '32 Ford, or 19" '30-1 Ford. Model A head and tail lights. Windshield would be very simular to the one on Don's great little T. The top frame from a '17 to '23 T and hand made stanchions.

Just my vision of an awesome, drivable speedster.


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