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It's been a while


Guys, it's been a long while, but I'm back on-line. I've got a lot catching up to do. Give me a couple of hours to get my thoughts together and I'll be posting.

Hey Thomas, glad to see your back. How's the bucket coming. Welcome back.
welcome back thomas!!! we've missed you around here. yea, we need an update on your T. will be watching for your post.

Well my friends, here go's another try at posting a picture.



Welcome back Brother.The cars looking very good.Lets get some more all around pics and the interior.You got a lot of posting to make up for.
Welcome back any ideas what you want for wheels and tires?
Good to here from you Rick. My phone that has your number on it broke, so I no longer have your phone number. Give me a call. My T is back down to it's frame. Body is getting ready to paint. Miss you pal, need to get together soon.

And to answer you Putz, solid wheels and Coker tires with 3" white walls.

I'll have some more pictures in the next couple of days.

Thanks for the welcome back guys. Missed you all.

lookin' good thomas! how many miles on her now?

Youngster, I only have a couple of miles on it, but it was enough miles to make me realize I needed to make some changes. We have such a short season here in Michigan I decided to wait untill 2009 to licence her. I've been going to school for body repair and painting. Also been taking classes in airbrushing. Body is back off of frame getting ready for paint. Also decided to forgo the friction shocks and go regular shocks. I'm working with Butch, on the design. I'll be posting pictures as I finish each step.

Your friend

Solid wheels and wide whites, always a good chioce Thomas. Kool ride.


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