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it's really making me want to sell my 27 t


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No one in the frigging state of new jersey can give me a straight answer on what i have to do to make my car legal.Can i use my old QQ plates?streetrod plates?and what do i do for that? Listen to this story....they (trenton) said i must reg.the 27 T with regular tags and reg.before i could get my streetrod tags.When i went to purchase them from the MV the old bag at the counter said no way.She called 3 different people ,one asked if i was a member of the nsra, I said yes and showed her my card.She got off the phone and said "you have collectors insurance you can't have regular tags you need streetrod tags DUH!!! .So i went to my truck called the headquaters for mv and they said i was right.I said could i have your name so i could tell the bi--h at the counter she said hold on and disconnected me!:mad:I called back got a real nice lady and she said.Go back in and "don't use the word collectors insurance in the title when you fill out the form" asking for insurance info..So i went in and filled the form out without that word....and walked out with tags!:lol: now the fun begins getting the streetrod any one from New Jersey ?I just wanted to have some fun this summer. New Jersey so long.needed to vent. jjsticks
Congrats !! Now ALL the BS you have went through will be rewarded with the freedom ,,, Now enjoy !!!
So that's the deal in NJ? You have to register it as a street rod to avoid the inspection? What's that? Emmissions, etc.? That sucks.
I got the card today from the dmv in the mail,on the front they ask for the car info,my drivers lic.etc.on the back it says"applicant must submit a NSRA vehicle safety inspection form from the streetrod club with whom they are registered,along with a photocopy of their membership card." i will need to give mike toomey (nsra inspector) a call says it will take up to 6 weeks for plates.looks like i'm going to be doing something illegal this summer till my plates get here.jjsticks
for those interested you can see the safety inspection list here;

NSRA home

They want pictures of front and side,the file them with your application.and the can't be a scanned photo either. oh by the way, I feel badly because I called Mike Toomey house and found out he passed away this year,so sorry ,god bless his family.i felt so bad.:sad: jj
You can thank the wording in the SEMA model for this. Part of the NSRA safety inspection lists windshield wipers. How many have wipers on their Ts. I didn't on my last one and I won't have them on my next one. They are useless. So far Iowa doesn't list them as a requirement in the DOT inspection but if they change their rules and change the requirements to comply with the NSRA inspection then I am screwed.

I don't know about other states but as near as I can tell the only thing the SEMA model did for street rodders in Iowa was to make it possible for them to register their cars as the year they represent. Big deal. The inspection process through the DOT will be the same as it was 10 years ago when I did my first one. I'm okay with that.
In Michigan the police come out to inspect the cars.I had two young cops show up looked at the car said nice car and went back to there car and wrote up the paper work.When he came back he asked me about a horn and i yelled"GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY"he laughed and mentioned the wipers and i looked at him and got in the car and asked him if he was serios as my head sticks above the top of the windshield by about 8".He here ya go have a good day walked around the car again said nice and left.Then someone fron the DMV calls to make an appointment and comes out and puts your vin tag on the frame.
Here the car is inspected by the I-DOT inspector. We have a new one in this area now and I've heard he can be moody so it's best to get him on a good day. If he passes the car he stamps the VIN into the frame then and hands you the paperwork to get the car titled at the county courthouse.
JJSTICKS... I have a couple of questions for you.

1) Is your 27 an original or a replica?

2) What are the steps to get the street rod plates?

3) do you have the local inspectors phone number?

SpecOps (aka Mitch)
updating my thread,i passed the inspection.sticker in place on windshield.just waiting for streetrod plated from fingers are crossed:razz:
jjsticky? heres the steps,first my car is legally title in new jersey as a 1927 ford t bucket.its a home build car with good title.You need to register the car just like you would a regular veh.,ask the dmv for streetrod application.after you have that you will need to join the NSRA you'll receive a club card,After that you'll contact Lenny Berley @732-657-4391 he's the inspector for nsra.He'll fill out the 23 point inspection form and sign your application from the DMv.If you pass you'll put a sticker on your windshield in front of him.he and his son are really cool.Then you can send off for you streetrod plated that take about 6 to 8 weeks.thats where I'm at right now ,but I'm still driving on my regular plates that are registered to the's alot of steps but this is what it takes.jjsticky lol
I regestered mine as a 2005 kit. Should I have regestered it as a 1923 ford.

Also, i am sure you dont have wipers on the car. did the inspector give you a problem with that.

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