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Painting My Speed Demon Carburetor

My understanding of POR-15 products is they are rust resistant (POR = "paint over rust") but not necessarily fuel resistant. As Nesh says, maybe they have another product for this application.
Blackcote has a warning on the can that says it can't be removed by chemical means. I think that is the only Por 15 that won't come off with a solvent such as gasoline. I'm anxious to see how you fare with Krylon.
Hope it stays put. I have not had favorable experience with enamels and solvents. There are a lot of new products that I have not used, however. Powder coat, maybe?
I also have powder coated Demon carbs. Gasoline dulled the sheen on the powder coating, but did not remove it.
I wonder if some powder coat brands would be better than others, just like spray paint?
How about ceramic coating? Pretty bullet proof. I just yesterday tried brazing a bung into my sons header exhaust. Couldn't touch it at all with heat or the brazing rod.
How about ceramic coating? Pretty bullet proof.
Now that's an interesting idea, wish I had some left over from another project so I could try it.
One problem with any coating is the edges and holes, passages, etc. Carburetors, as everyone knows, have numerous precision ports, so one would have to devise a method of masking them and, or, removing the coating from the holes without damaging the coating surface, like chipping or raising it. Gasoline and the oxidation caused by its reaction with the materials and environment is a problematic beast to tame. It even eventually breaks down anodized coatings. I wonder what the clear coat is comprised of that some manufacturers use on parts. I sympathize with anyone in this boat, trying to keep our prized builds looking tip top while actually driving them is a uphill journey... I have old magnesium wheels to try to devise a sensible method of maintaining... my dad would call it futility, lol.
Looks like it could be the right product for carbs.

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