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It's tuff to be the webmaster


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Sorry. Your doing a very good job. It's been a long weekend and I'm still trying to figure it out. Again Sorry I'll try to do a lot better job of watching my posts in the future.
Wow. Did I miss something?:confused:
I'm genuinely sorry the weekend went as it did.

And don't worry about apologizing for anything, as there's no need.
bc what happened at the nats? i droped my membership with the ntba about a year ago, and they want to keep it on the mobbs. just take another ride it will be ok.

I understand that you (and others) may have questions, but we're not going to end up with a lot of finger-pointing and hard feelings about it on this site. Whatever the circumstances were (and no, we're not going to speculate about it on this site), all we're prepared to say is that they had an unfortunate conclusion.

We're perfectly willing to allow Bob and the NTBA work things out amongst themselves and we ask others do the same.
Oh, I see. B.C., all I know is that you make a darn good product (from what I have read and heard from knowledgeable and reliable sources) and you are a stand up guy here. That's all I care about. I wasn't at the Nats and I don't really care what happened there. All I know is, you're a cool guy here and we need ya. All this other crap is a mute issue, as far as I'm concerned. Glad to have you around.

Now..... back ta bucket banter!
My thoughts exactly you can't please everybody all the time its just water off a ducks back. Life goes on. Here some of us need all the input we can get.

Any idea who made this body?
standard windshield posts don't fit.
It has a symbol like cetc on firewall.

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